Patients Clinicians
For Clinicians:

CT Guide > CT Guide
Provides complete instructions on the power injection procedure and accessing the PowerPort* device. Also explains how to identify a patient with the PowerPort* Implanted Port.
Download CT Guide

CT Technician Guidelines Wall Chart > Guidelines for the CT Technician (wall chart)
Presents guidelines for identification, power injection and access of the PowerPort* Implantable Port.
Download Guidelines for the CT Technician

For Your Patient:

Information for Patient > Information for the Patient
Gives patients a simple overview of the function, purpose and advantages of the PowerPort* device in their medical care. Also provides answers to some commonly asked questions.
Download Information for the Patient

> Patient Guide
Provides a comprehensive description of the PowerPort* Implanted Port. Use this guide to inform patients who have already been scheduled for implantation.
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> Companion Checklist
Provides patient companions with valuable information about the PowerPort* Implanted Port.
Download Companion Checklist

> Patient Identification Card
This identification card provides a summary of important information about the PowerPort* device.
Download Patient Identification Card