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Preview of the PowerPort* Device

The PowerPort* Implantable Port is a cylinder with a hollow space inside that is sealed by a soft top. It connects to a small, flexible tube called a catheter. When a special needle is put into the soft top of the PowerPort* device, it creates "access" to your bloodstream, meaning that medications and fluids can be given and blood samples withdrawn.

Several distinctive features that can be seen and felt help to identify the special design of the PowerPort* device for power-injected CECT scans. These features include a unique triangle shape and a unique triangular arrangement of three bumps called Palpation Points on the soft top of the port.

For power-injected CECT scans, the PowerPort* device is used with a needle designed especially for power injection called the PowerLoc* Safety Winged Infusion Set.

It's Simple to Get Started

In a short procedure, the PowerPort* device is implanted, which means it is placed completely beneath your skin, and the catheter is inserted inside one of the large central veins that delivers blood to your heart. The PowerPort* device is usually implanted on the upper chest. Your doctor will locate yours where it is best suited for your treatment.

Your Alternative to an IV

The PowerPort* Implanted Port allows clinicians to easily deliver medications or fluids, withdraw blood samples or perform power-injected CECT scans without having to repeatedly stick your arm or wrist veins directly with a needle. This makes these procedures more comfortable for you.

Patient Discharge Packet

Upon receiving a PowerPort* Implanted Port, patients are provided with a special Patient Discharge Packet that includes an Identification Card, Bracelet and Key Ring Card. Patients with a Powerport* device are instructed to carry their identification card with them at all times, and to show their card to the clinician beforehand when their port is accessed for a procedure. Patients may also wear the Bracelet or carry the Key Ring as convenient reminders to tell their medical professionals that they have a PowerPort* Implantable Port.

Click here to view or download your copy of an introductory brochure about the PowerPort* device.